Morning Meetings

What Is Morning Meeting?

Morning Meeting and Crew are critical and safe spaces for students and staff to grow and develop meaningful relationships. Adults monitor, support, advocate for, and challenge students to grow and build the skills and knowledge they will need for healthy social-emotional development. Students have a voice and will receive tools to know how to use it.

Morning Meeting Component: Sharing

What is it?

  • Helps students to get to know each other
  • Develops important social and emotional competencies
  • Teaches thinking, listening and speaking skills
  • Strengthens language development and reading success (build vocabulary, learn pronunciation, learn to speak with grammatical accuracy)
  • Offers students an engaging way to develop empathy, consideration of others’ perspectives and social awareness
  • Helps students develop a repertoire of responses to different kinds of news, including asking constructive, purposeful questions and offering emphatic, insightful comments