Family Assistance & Support

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Guía de Recursos y Apoyos Para Familias

Families, caregivers and students who would like to take advantage of any service listed below may reach out to our parent coordinator Mr. Sanchez at or reach out to any of your students' teachers.

Click on each heading to find out more details on the service provided and how to participate or go directly to the guide here:  Family Supports Resources Guide.pdf  


Medical Services 

  • In-School Services 
    • Vision 
    • Dental 
    • Medical Clinic/Nurse Practitioner
    • Mobile Mammogram  
  • Outside Services 
    • Community Healthcare Network


Mental Health Services

  • In-School Services 
    • School Based At-Risk Counseling  
    • Students Exposed to Trauma (SET) Group
    • Teen Talk Support Group 
  • Outside Services/Referrals 
    • Immediate Assistance (Support Hotline, Mobile Crisis Unit)
    • Family/Caregiver Counseling & Support Services 
    • Expectant Parent Support 
    • Outpatient Substance Use Service 


Basic Needs Services (In School)

  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Food Assistance and Grocery Store Financial Support
  • Laundry Assistance
  • Newborn Supplies Assistance 
  • School Supplies & Backpack Assistance
  • Uniform Assistance & Winter Coat Drive


Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation (

  • In-House Comprehensive After School program 
  • Emergency Services 
  • SNAP Application Assistance
  • Career and Education services
  • Housing Support/Rent Relief Guidance 
  • Weekly neighborhood updates


Other Services 

  • Working Papers/Summer Youth Employment