About Us

Liberty Avenue Middle School (LAMS) was founded in the fall of 2013. We are located in East New York, Brooklyn and service the students and families of the local community. We are part of Community School District 19. If you'd like to learn more about us, are interested in working with us, or have questions, please contact us at info@libertyavems.com.

Principal: Kaia Nordtvedt 

Parent Coordinator: Edgar Sanchez

District 19 Superintendent: Dr. Tamra Collins 


  • Collective Care that leads to Community Action 
  • Curiosity that leads to Questioning 
  • Perseverance that leads to Growth Mindset 
  • Criticality that leads to Social Justice 
  • Respect that leads to Dignity for All 
  • Joy that leads to Celebration

Vision & Mission


Schools have a duty to provide high quality education that sets students up for success and prepares them to be active members of their community both in and out of school. 

At Liberty, we will support all students to attain  

  • Academic success that prepares them for college & career 
  • Cultural competence that prepares them to be citizens of a diverse and global community
  • Sociopolitical consciousness that prepares them to be active members of their community who work towards positive change



We are a learning community that believes in the ability of all students to achieve success. We start by acknowledging that each student has brilliance and strength. With this core belief, along with teaching that relies on frequent checks of student understanding, high impact feedback that is specific to the needs of each student, and authentic student engagement, each member of our school is accountable for ensuring that all students make academic strides and are prepared for success in their future endeavors.

Staff at Liberty recognize the inherent struggles that middle school students face and understand the crucial role this stage of life plays in the development of their identities and worldview. Therefore, we commit to an education that goes beyond the teaching of content area skills and proficiencies. In addition to an enriched academic program, a well-rounded education at Liberty consists of advancing a student’s identity, intellect, criticality, and joy in order to develop citizens who are determined to make their world a better place.